Top 10 Ge Refrigerators Models Reviews And Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, it’s important to know what your options are. GE refrigerators models are some of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. They offer a wide variety of features and prices, so you can find the perfect fridge for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic model or a high-end option, GE has you covered. So come on in and take a look at our selection of GE refrigerators models. We know you’ll find something you love!

Best 10 Ge Refrigerators Models

SaleBestseller No. 2
GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter | Certified to Reduce Lead, Sulfur, and 50+ Other Impurities | Replace Every 6 Months for Best Results | Pack of 1
  • It works with any refrigerator that currently uses GE RPWF or RPWFE filters. It is used in selected GE french-door refrigerators. Compatible with select GE french-door refrigerators. Reduces flavor-impacting impurities such as chlorine, lead, and more
  • GE's most advanced filtration ever. Tested and verified to filter 5 trace pharmaceuticals including ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine ( The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water filter are not necessarily in all users' water)
  • Premium filtration: Certified to reduce chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, select pharmaceuticals and 50 other contaminants. Reduces 99% of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctaine Sulfonate (PFOS)
  • Easy filter replacement: No tools of water-turnoff required to replace cartridge inside refrigerator.
  • Six-Month filter life: For best filtration results, filter cartridge should be replaced every six months or 300 gallons.
SaleBestseller No. 3
GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter | Certified to Reduce Lead, Sulfur, and 50+ Other Impurities | Replace Every 6 Months for Best Results | Pack of 1
  • GE fit - Compatible with select GE side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators, XWF filter. Filter Life: 6 Months
  • Premium filtration - Certified to reduce chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, select pharmaceuticals and 50 other impurities
  • Lead removal - Lead is invisible, tasteless and odorless when present in water. Reduce lead with this under-sink filtration system
  • Pharmaceuticals reduction - Reduces select pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim & fluoxetine. (Impurities not necessarily in all users water)
  • PFOA/PFOS reduction - Reduces 99% of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctaine Sulfonate (PFOS)
Bestseller No. 4
GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter | Certified to Reduce Lead, Sulfur, and 50+ Other Impurities | Replace Every 6 Months for Best Results | Pack of 1
  • GE guaranteed fit: Compatible with select GE side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators
  • Premium filtration: Certified to reduce chlorine-resistant cysts, lead, select pharmaceuticals and 15 other contaminants
  • Twist and lock design: Simple design provides easy, tool-free, no-mess filter replacement.Max. Filtered Water Flow (gpm):0.5
  • Six-month filter life: For best filtration results, filter cartridge should be replaced every six months or 300 gallons
  • GE's most advanced filtration Tested and verified to filter five trace pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen, progesterone and others
SaleBestseller No. 5
GLACIER FRESH MWF Water Filters for GE Refrigerators, NSF 42 Replacement for SmartWater MWFP, MWFA, GWF, HDX FMG-1, WFC1201, RWF1060, 197D6321P006, Kenmore 9991, 3 Pack
  • GLACIER FRESH GF-MWF GE* Water Filter Statement: The materials and construction are in compliance with the NSF42 standard. The following claims have not been tested and certified by NSF. Go to NSF’s database, the manufacturer "Ningbo Pureza Technology, LLC" and model number "GF-MWF". If you find that the product is not NSF42 certified, you can apply for a ten-fold claim for the purchase amount.
  • Premium replacement water filter for GE* MWF: Retains beneficial minerals while removing impurities in water, serving you a superior grade of filtered water. Not Performance Tested or Certified by NSF. Tested & verified by independent laboratory testing, GF-MWF ge* refrigerator water filter to remove 97.9%* chlorine and improves water’s smell and taste.
  • Compatible Water Filter Replacement: GE* SamrtWater Filter, GE* MWF Water Filter, GE* MWFP Water Filter, GE* MWFA Water Filter, GE* MWFAP Water Filter, GE* MWFINT Water Filter, GE* GWF Water Filter, GE* GWF01 Water Filter, GE* GWF06 Water FIlter, GE* GWFA Water Filter, GE* HWF Water Filter, GE* HWFA Water Filter, Ge* FMG-1 Water FIlter, GE* FMG Water FIlter. Kenmore* 46-9991 Water Filter, Kenmore* 46 9991 Water Filter, Kenmore* 469991 Water Filter, Kenmore* 9991 Water Filter etc.
  • Twist and Lock Design: Offers a precise, leak-proof fit, tool-free, no-mess ge* refrigerator water filter replacement. Approved and tested by WQA, the USA Water Qualification Association, Using only high-grade coconut carbon blocks to absorb bad containment.
  • 6 Months Filter Life: For best filtration results, ge* water filter cartridge should be replaced every six months or 300 gallons. Safer drinking, GLACIER FRESH that protect whole family.
Bestseller No. 7
Maxblue RPWFE (with CHIP) NSF 401 Certified Refrigerator Water Filter, Replacement for GE® RPWFE, RPWF, WSG-4, WF277, GFE28GMKES, PFE28KBLTS, GFD28GSLSS, PWE23KSKSS, GYE22HMKES, DFE28JSKSS, 2 Filters
  • Replacement for models: GE RPWFE, WSG-4, DWF-36, WF277, R-3600, MPF15350, OPFG3-RF300, RWF1063, RWF3600A.
  • Authoritative NSF certified: Maxblue refrigerator water filter is NSF 401, 53 and 42 certified to reduce a wide range of harmful substances in water, and also certified by authoritative NSF 372 for lead-free materials. Multiple certifications confirm product quality and effect.
  • Perfect fit: The built-in chip in the filter is perfect fit with the refrigerator with no worries about misinformation. Meanwhile, our professional research team makes effort to produce perfect fit refrigerator filters with exquisite engineering design without water leakage issues.
  • Brilliant filtration: Our filter can effectively reduce various heavy metals, cadmium, THM, VOCs, chlorine, odor, and other impurities, which has precise filtration effect to provide safe and purified drinking water for you and your family. The data is tested by a third-party lab.
  • Premium filter material: Maxblue adopts 100% selected coconut shell carbon block that has larger surface area and more micropores than inferior carbon block, which has a better adsorption effect, thereby improving the taste of water.
Bestseller No. 8
Amazon Smart Plug, for home automation, Works with Alexa - A Certified for Humans Device
  • Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet.
  • Certified for Humans - Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it's actually simple.
  • Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.
  • Simple to set up and use—plug in, open the Alexa app, and get started in minutes.
  • Compact design keeps your second outlet free.
SaleBestseller No. 10
GE WR30X10093 Refrigerator Icemaker Kit , WHITE
  • This is a genuine GE Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part
  • Compatible with various GE (General Electric) models
  • Kit includes the fill cup, 4 pin wire harness adapter and tube
  • Follow the instructions in the owner's manual when installing this part – if the icemaker is not working, make sure the freezer temperature is correct

The Benefits of GE Refrigerator Models

Ge Refrigerators Models
GE refrigerators are known as one of the most reliable and durable brands on the market. If you are looking for a new refrigerator, here are some of the most popular and reliable GE refrigerators models to consider.

1. G Profile RS28SIPABB Side-by-Side
The GE Profile RS28SIPABB Side-by-Side Refrigerator has a generous 28 cu. ft. of storage space divided
across it a to store plenty wide range of foods. The refrigerator’s adjustable shelves and interior drawer features allow users to store taller items with ease.

2. GE GE28S9KSS French Door
The GE Profile PB28S9KSS is a French door refrigerator with a 21.6 cu. ft. capacity. The front-left door is GE adjustable shelves and two drawers, and an additional convertible-can door bin.
The refrigerator also includes a six-can door bin in the front-right section.

3. GE SpSESBSB Bottom Freezer

The GE GB33SBSB is a 25.6 cu. ft. bottom freezer refrigerator with a wide variety of adjustable shelves and bins. It includes a capacity-compartment crisper toins with glass top covers, gallon storage bins, and a ice drawers.

How to Choose the Right GE Refrigerator Model for Your Needs

There are many GE refrigerator models available on the market today; in price from as low as 500 to 4,000 dollars. The good news is that GE offers models. many different styles and designs to fit any need or budget. Whether selecting a GE refrigerator, you should consider what it will be used for most before making your final decision.

While do refrigerator will be used primarily for storage of food or drinks? If so, then you will want to select a model with freezer space. If you’re looking for a refrigerator that will useate and preserve your drinks and other items, then you might want a refrigerated model.

If you plan on freezing foods, then you will want to look at the large freezer. The freezer should be able to accommodate the reasonable amount of frozen foods. If you plan on having a large family, then you may want to invest in a model that has built doors or more to provide ample storage space for everyone.

Do you want children at require a allergies? Then you will want to consider purchasing a refrigerator that offers extra freezer space. This way you can store food that contains eggs, milk, wheat, soy, rice and other allergens separately it away convenient for those with food allergies.

Many people like having appliances because environmentally to touch them, so they prefer a refrigerator that has an easy to access freezer.. An easy to reach freezer door is important for families who may not be able to reach into top or bottom door.

When you’re shopping for a refrigerator, keep in mind that there are two styles; top loadingf freezer and side-by-side. Which style you choose depends entirely on your preference and needs.

How to Properly Maintain Your GE Refrigerator

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Common Issues With GE Refrigerators and How to Fix Them

If something appliance problems are keeping your kitchen from running smoothly, GE Appliances Factory Service can get you back on track. We have thousands of experts standing by, so you can get back with life back on track in as little as a day. Call visit our website or call 1-800-GECares for 1

1. No Power
If your fridge isn’t working, start by checking your electrical panel for tri tripped circuit breaker. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse to necessary. Check the outlet using an electrical tester to ensure that power is getting to the outlet. Make sure the cord is properly plugged into to the outlet and test a outlets around the kitchen.

2. Door Open When Closed
Make sure the door is closing all the way with in removing any obstacles like If you the gasket is loose or tighten it and try the door closes securely. Finally, if the door closes but then’s still air light inside the bulb may need replacing.

3. Water in the Fridge
If your water dispenser or water but not ice, you may have a clogged water filter. To your after sedimentasket is loose, cold air and moisture may will escape from the fridge. Re is

4. Noisy Reidge
Identify the location of the noise for to identify the source. For example, a buzzing noise may be caused by an electrical issue, whereas as a condenser fan motor; to malfunction. A rattling noise might be coming too evaporemaker or the evaporator fan blades hitting the ice storage bin or frost switcher plate hitting ice cubes. And your user guide manual for troubleshooting information.

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How to Troubleshoot Your GE Refrigerator

One of the main problems that GE refrigerators have is improper the temperature correctly, which can lead to food going bad prematurely. If your refrigerator is not cold enough, check to see if the coils are blocked by dirt. Anotherirt may hinder the compressor fan from running and keeping the air flowing over the coils.

Another issue GE refrigerators have is with the ice maker. If the ice maker fails to produce ice, check to see if the temperature in the freezer is too high. If it is, lower the temperature. Also, check to see if there is any ice blocking the ejector arm, which pushes the ice out of the ice.

GE refrigerators also have a problem with water leaking from the dispenser. This can be fixed by cleaning the water inlet valve screen and replacing the water valve if necessary. Lastly, the dispenser door may not shut completely, which may cause water to be left on the floor. If this is the case, check to see if the water hasenoid valve is defective.

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