Best 10 Freezer Muscadine Jelly Reviews And Buying Guide 2023

If you’re looking for a delicious way to use up your muscadine grapes, then you need to try this freezer muscadine jelly recipe! This easy-to-follow recipe will walk you through the process of making your own muscadine jelly, and it only takes a few simple ingredients. Plus, this jelly can be stored in the freezer for up to a year, so you can enjoy it all year long!

Best 10 Freezer Muscadine Jelly

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How to make freezer muscadine jelly

Freezer Muscadine Jelly
Muscadine Jelly
This is a simple, easy and delicious muscadine jelly. It’s not super sweet, but it has a wonderful flavor. The Brie loves it! I knew it was good when I opened my last jar and it had mold on the top. That wasn’t bad mold; it was actually the jelly. Somehow the top had formed a sealed layer that I hadn’t seen before. I could actually pick up the whole top and scoop out the jelly. It looked like a regular piece of fruit.

Muscadine Jelly Ingredients
1 – 2 lbs muscadine grapes
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
1. Wash grapes well, removing any stems.
2. Combine them with the water, sugar and lemon juice in a large pot, and bring to a boil.
3. Reduce heat, and simmer until muscadines are soft.
4. Run grapes through a food mill to remove seeds and skins.
5. Return pulp to pot, and bring to a boil.
6. Reduce heat, and simmer for about 30 minutes.
7. Test to see if it is thick enough. Just put a small amount on a plate and let it cool. If it is a thick, jelly-like consistency, it is ready to be canned. If it is still runny, continue cooking for 10 minutes intervals, testing in between.
8. Pour into hot, sterilized jelly jars, and screw on lids.
9. Process in a boiling water bath for 5 minutes.
10. Remove from water bath, and let cool.
11. Once cool, check that all lids have sealed.
12. Store in a cool, dry place.

How to store freezer muscadine jelly

To dress up burgers, chicken or roast, just spoon a dollop of Freezer Muscadine Jelly on top.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy appetizer for a get-together, you can’t beat this one.

Even though this is bold and sweet, it’s not overpowering and it won’t compete with the rest of the flavors on your plate.

If you’re not sure what type of wine to use in a recipe, Muscadine is a good choice. It’s got a nice balance of fruity flavor and acidity that work well with berries and herbs. It’s also a great choice for a variety of other foods, such as chicken, turkey, fish, and even desserts.

You may have heard of muscadine before, but if you haven’t tasted it, you’re really missing out. It has a lovely, sweet and aromatic flavor that makes it the perfect match for a variety of dishes.

This muscadine jelly is a classic Southern spread, and you can usually find it in the supermarket. You can also make it yourself. Use the muscadine jelly in a variety of ways, such as on toast, in a sandwich, on a cheese platter, or to dress up pancakes. It’s also delicious as a topping for burgers, chicken, or roast.

Be sure to use clean utensils and bowls when making this jelly. Also, if you’re not familiar with canning, read up on the process before you start. There are many resources online that can tell you everything you need to know.

The benefits of freezer muscadine jelly

When you have a lot of muscadine grapes, or can get a good deal on them, making jelly is the best way to preserve their flavor and nutrition. Fresh muscadine jelly is fabulous, but a jar of muscadine jelly, frozen for a few months takes things to a whole new level. The flavor is like nothing you have ever had.

Muscadine grapes are native American grapes. They were grown by early settlers and Native Americans for hundreds of years. They are loaded with natural antioxidants like ellagic acid, quercetin and resveratrol that have been shown to help prevent cancer and heart disease. Muscadine grapes have some of the highest antioxidant values of any fruit, including blueberries and pomegranates.

The drawbacks of freezer muscadine jelly

Muscadine jelly is a delicious treat. Unfortunately, some of its unique characteristics may make it difficult to preserve long-term. Here are some of the drawbacks of freezing muscadine jelly.

1. It May Not Freeze Correctly
Freezing foods and liquids can cause the water in them to expand, making the cooled item take up more space than before. This can cause muscadine jelly to leak out of its container, even if you leave space in the top of the jar. While muscadine jelly is safe to eat, it may not feed acceptably.

2. It May Not Last as Long
Many foods can last for months in the freezer while retaining their quality. Muscadine jelly, even when frozen, does not last as long as some other foods. You may notice that your muscadine jelly begins to turn to liquid after a short period of time. This could be due to the acidity of the jelly.

3. The Holes in Muscadine Jelly May Grow
Muscadine jelly may have bubbles and air pockets when you make it, which are responsible for the jelly’s distinctive texture. Unfortunately, these holes may grow when the muscadine jelly freezes. This can cause the jelly to lose its unique texture.

How to make freezer muscadine jelly

The night before, prepare for canning by washing the jars, lids, and rings with warm, soapy water. Rinse well, then dry with a clean towel. Place lids and rings aside.
Pit the muscadines.
In a large stock pot, bring seeds to a boil and cook 15 minutes over medium heat.
Strain seeds, then return muscadine juice to the stock pot. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Stir in sugar, and return mixture to a boil for two minutes.
Remove the mixture from the heat, and skim off any foam with a spoon. Stir in pectin, and return to a boil for one minute.
Remove the mixture from the heat, and skim off any foam with a spoon. Stir in orange zest and black pepper if desired.
Ladle the jelly into prepared jars, leaving 1/2 inch head space. Remove air bubbles, and readjust head space to 1/2 inch if needed. Wipe off jar rims, then cover with the 2-piece lids. Screw bands on firmly.
Place jars on a rack in the bottom of a large canner. Lower the rack so that the jars are submerged in the water by 1 to 2 inches. Add boiling water to cover the jars by about 2 inches.
Cover the canner and bring the water to a gentle boil. Once the water has reached a boil, vent the steam for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, place the weight on the vent.
Once the weight is set, allow the jars to process for 10 minutes. Adjust for altitude if necessary.
After 10 minutes, remove the canner from the heat. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.
Transfer jars to a towel on the counter to cool. Do not disturb the jars for 12 to 24 hours.
If the lids do not pop down, the jars are not sealed. Refrigerate and use within 1 month.

Use ripe muscadines. Use juice within 48 hours. Refrigerate or freeze any unused juice. You may substitute 1 cup of commercial pectin for the liquid pectin in the recipe. Follow the instructions for a sugar-free or low-sugar pectin.

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