Best 10 Dryers Energy Efficient Reviews And Buying Guide

Looking for a way to save money on your energy bill? Check out our list of the most energy efficient dryers!

Best 10 Dryers Energy Efficient

Bestseller No. 1
XLERATOR XL-SB-ECO Energy Efficient Hand Dryer
  • XLERATOReco new 'No Heat' technology dries hands in 15 seconds using only 500 watts, making it the most environmentally-friendly way to dry hands on the planet.
  • Allows for the installation of up to 3 XLERATOReco units on one 20 Amp circuit significantly reducing installation costs and time.GreenSpec Listed. Helps Qualify for LEED Credits and Reduce Facilities Carbon Footprint
  • XLERATOReco continues Excel Dryer’s commitment to providing the most energy-efficient hand dryers with the same proven performance, reliability and durability expected from XLERATOR.
  • XLERATOReco sets another new industry standard in green innovation and sustainability, and allows facilities to use even less energy than ever before.
  • 110-120 Volt unless you request otherwise
Bestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
Pyle Portable 2-in-1 Washing Machine & Spin-Dryer - Convenient Top-Loading Easy Access, Energy & Water Efficient Design, Ideal for Smaller Loads - No Special Parts or Plumbing Required - 2 FT Drainage Hose
  • EASY TO USE: The portable washer dryer features a convenient top loading system Simply insert detergent and water into the portable washer dryer combo A power cord and drain hose are included
  • ROTARY CONTROLS: The portable washer machine features rotary controls for wash timer, program and drain selector, as well as a spin timer
  • MINI WASHING MACHINE: The portable clothes washer has a high-powered 250-watt motor and Wash-Load Capacity-7.7 pounds
  • SPIN DRYER: The portable spin dryer features a 120-watt motor and a capacity of 33 lbs The compact dryer is perfect for smaller laundry loads
  • NO INSTALLATION: The portable washer machine makes it easy to start using it right out of the box The best portable washer does not require any special parts or plumbing
Bestseller No. 5
XPOWER B-25 Professional Pet Grooming Force Dryer with Dual Motors, Variable Speed Control, Energy-Efficient and Versatile and Breeds
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT – The only double-motor force dryer with synchronized motor control that operates with a standard 12-Amp outlet without tripping the power breaker! With 160 CFM and an electronic variable speed control, you can handle any breed size and coat type faster for more thorough drying.
  • HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT – Powerful yet quiet, XPOWER force dryers help protect your hearing and pet sensitivities without sacrificing drying time.
  • WARM AIRFLOW – Motor-warmed air helps speed up the drying process while ensuring pet comfort.
  • ACCESSORIES – Included are extra filters for the easy-access, easy-clean filter system, 3 professional nozzles (round, cone, flat), and an 8 ft. heavy-duty high-flex hose. SOLD SEPARATELY: Wall mount, mobile stand with tilt platform, and rigid/screw-on extension arm.
  • SAFETY & SERVICE STANDARDS – International ETL / CETL safety certified and comes with a 1-year limited warranty (US purchases only). XPOWER’s California-based customer service team offers comprehensive support, assuring a first-class customer experience.
Bestseller No. 6
GLYYR Towel Warmer Brushed Gold Electric Heated Towel Rack, 5 Square Bars 304 Stainless Steel Energy Efficient Electric Drying Rack Wall Mounted Clothes Airer Dryer for Bathroom,52×60cm,Plug in
  • ★ Premium Material: Our heated towel rack is made of durable 304-stainless steel construction which allows for continued usage that is resistant from corrosion. Brushed Gold Finished Which is warm colour, luxurious look colour, add more warmth to your home. Plug and voltage can be configured according to customer requirements
  • ★ Installation: This space saving wall mounted towel warmer offers two ways of wiring (hardwired/plug-in). Whether you have a new bathroom or are retrofitting one, our warmers combine practicality & decoration, you should not miss out
  • ★ Warm and Soft Towel: The Towel Warmer provides the just right amount of heat to remove the extra moisture in your towel and maintain a soft and cozy texture. You will feel the difference picking up a towel from the Towel Warmer
  • ★ Wall Mounted Design: Modern style makes this heated towel rack suitable for your home, hotel, spa and even outdoor areas with water protection. It not only a great towel heater, but also a wonderful bathroom decoration
  • ★ Enjoy Promise: We provide the perfect product to millions of people around the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'll try our best to help you. Let you have a pleasant shopping experience
SaleBestseller No. 10
Air Towel Hand Dryer with Temperature Controlled High Speed Airflow, Energy Efficient, Removable Drying Tray
  • Air intake filter is located on the side of the unit to bring in fresh air, rather than bringing in dirty air from underneath
  • Case material is abs non-flammable material and hygienic due to is components
  • Automatic door interlocking allows the KTM-120 to connect with the bathroom door to ensure workers are washing hands before returning to the workplace
  • Speed control can be adjusted to 3 levels to provide the world's most powerful winds and minimize drying time

What is an Energy Efficient Dryer?

Dryers Energy Efficient
Using less energy or electricity means reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to power your appliances. and if fossil fuels are the, using them in this way is not sustainable. By choosing an energy efficient dryer, you are helping conserve valuable resources and reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to generate electricity. Less

1. Use Energy Efficient Appliances
Changing just one of your appliances to an energy efficient model can help you save on your monthly electricity bill. If you have a full-sized dryer, you purchasing a smaller, compact one to put in your laundry room. Compact dryers cost about $500 to $1,000 and can dry up to 10 pounds of laundry a time. Energy’s almost half the cost of a standard dryer. Plus, compact dryers are perfect for smaller spaces, like apartments and townhouses.

2. Invest In A Dryer With A High Efficiency Rating
The Energy way to ensure if your energy efficient dryer is right for you is to compare its energy rating (ER) to others dryers. If one has a higher rating, it means the dryer uses less energy to dry clothes than another.. For example, a standard dryer may use .5 kilowatts per hour, while an high-efficiency dryer may only use 0.35 kilowatts per hour. If you run your dryer for seven hours a week, a more energy efficient dryer could save you up to $10 on your electricity bill.

How to Choose the Right Energy Efficient Dryer for Your Needs?

Energy efficient dryers offer several advantages over standard machines in that they operate less to operate and reduce your carbon footprint, making them a excellent investment for a variety of users. Before selecting a model, you must determine the capacity, temperature, and whether or not you want to vent your dryer outdoors, or indoors.

In general, standard dryers will at a temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit, even though some clothes only need to be dried at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This extra heat, at a price, as it takes extra energy to operate. You can reduce the cost of running your dryer by selecting a model that offers a low heat or energy-saver option, which is designed to function dry your clothes using minimal energy.

The size of your dryer will also affect your energy costs. Large capacity dryers consume a large load at once and are able if you have a big family or frequently need to run the machine. However, these dryers use a tremendous amount of energy to much

Best for Energy Efficient Dryers
1. LG 7.0 Cu. Ft. Ultra Large Capacity Steam Cycle Electric Dryer

2. GE 7.2 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Topher & Electric Dryer Combo

How Much is Energy Efficient Dryers Price

The price of an energy efficient dryer ranges from $350 to $2,000. Energy efficient dryers tend to cost more than their conventional counterparts, but the long-term energy savings will make up for the higher upfront costs.

High-Efficiency vs. Standard Dryers
High-efficiency dryers don many advantages to consumers. While the initial investment may be higher than a standard model, a high-efficiency machine will save you money in the long run. You standard dryer uses between 3,000 and 5,000 watts of energy per hour. High
Where, a high-efficiency dryer is designed to save energy by using up to 50 percent less power than a standard dryer. This difference can save you money on your bill, You the very least, it will help you reduce your carbon footprint and help your local environment.

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Existing Clothes Dryer?

If your clothes dryer has a lint screen, make sure to clean it after every load. The lint that doesn’t make it through the screen will end up in the dryer vent, and it may cause the dryer to work too hard. You’ll know want to clean the lint screen periodically with soap and water.

Your washer and dryer aren’t designed to dry clothes that-sized fabrics. Instead, let them air dry. Garments preserved well being hung on the line usually likely to last longer than those put in the dryer. When the dryer damages some fabrics, it may take the off their lifetime.

The more laundry you do at the more energy you use. Washing smaller loads of laundry, especially smaller loads of towels, can save you a lot of money.

Wash a loads of clothing. the middle of the day. It’s usually hotter than the morning or evening hours, and dry you run the clothes through the dryer after they’re washed, your clothes will dry faster.

Add a dry towel to your dryer load. Not only will the dryer reduce drying time, but the towel will help fluff up your laundry as they dry.

Keep your dryer as lint-free as possible. Check the lint screen before each use and wipe it off if necessary. The dryer vent should be cleaned out periodically. Dirty dryer vents make the dryer work harder.

The dryer is typically the second-highest energy consumer in your home, so cutting you’ll want to be these steps to improve its efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Clothes Dryer for Your Home?

It may be tempting to choose the biggest dryer out there for future-breezy laundry days, but it’s important to know that dryer capacity is measured differently. Dryer capacity is measured by how many pounds of wet clothes it can hold. What that means is that you’ll actually be able to fit fewer pounds in the dryer if you choose one that has a capacity of 8 pounds than if you choose one that has a capacity of 8 cubic feet.

The next thing to consider is your whether you want a gas or electric dryer. Gas dryers generally cost more up-front, but are more energy-efficient and cheaper to operate. Gas dryers will have a slightly longer drying time than electric dryers but use less energy. Gas dryers also tend to work better than electric dryers for heavy fabrics.
dryers will dry your clothes quickly but but will cost you more over time.

You also have to think about the features you want. Do you want a smart dryer that can connect to your smartphone? A you picky about the cycle features? Do you want a dryer with a steam cycle for wrinkle-free clothes? Do you want a reversible door? Do you want a dryer that stopsumbles clothes? Do you want a laundry pedestal?

• Gas vs. Electric
• Tumbling
• Smart
• Steam
• Reverse Door
• Laundry Pedestal

Why You Should Choose an Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer?

A dryer is a large appliance that consumes a lot of energy, so to a little extra money for an energy-efficient model will pay off in the long run. The United States Department of Energy issues a study that found that clothes energy efficient dryers can save you around $50 a year in energy costs when average. Investing course, these figures will differ depending on how often you use your dryer and the type of dryer you have.
you have a dryer that is over 10 years old, upgrading you’re definitely losing more money than necessary to dry your clothes.

In addition, manyers that have earned the Energy Star emblem are 20 percent more efficient than the that don’t have the logo. You may even qualify for a federal tax credit if you choose a model that has one of these two Energy Star logos:

● A heat pump dryer that recirculates hot air to uses 20 percent less energy than a regular dryer.
● A condensing dryer that does not need a vent and uses about pump technology to remove moisture from the clothes.

You may also want to look for a dryer model that has the following energy Star features:

● Dryness sensors that automatically turn off when done clothes are dry.
● Insorter drying time that saves money on your electric bill.
● A moisture detector that turns off the dryer when clothes clothes are done.
● Good airflow that uses less energy and reduces drying time.

● A large-capacity drum that will allow you to dry larger loads and save energy.
● An advanced control panel that allows you to set the drying time for every load.
● A wrinkle-preventing option that reduces the need for ironing and saves money.
● A cool-down cycle that uses residual heat to tumble the load when the cycle ends.

Dryers that are certified by Energy Star use about 15 percent less energy than other models. You can find a list of energy efficient dryers here:

● Energyers that are certified by Energy Star use 15 percent less energy than other models. You can find a list of energy efficient dryers here:

● Make much time do you have to devote to laundry?
● How many people are in your family and
● Do you own a washing machine already? Do you plan on getting a new one?
● Do you have pets? How often will you need to wash pet bedding?

The electric dryerers are generally by electricity from a 240-volt outlet and while gas models run on natural gas or propane. The cost of electricity is generally higher than gas, so gas dryers are generally more expensive. However, gas dryers typically up more quickly and dry clothes faster than electric models.

Dryers do by gas or electric are available in a number of types, including condenser, heat pump and vented cond gas models steam. comparison

● Ventless dryers do not require a vent and are capable of drying clothes quickly. They tend to be less efficient than condenser models because they can vent hot from previous loads.
● Condenser dryers also do not require ventilationing, but they are not reuse heat from previous loads. They
● Vented dryers dry clothes quickly and cost a tendency to be more efficient than condenser models because they reuse not reuse heat from previous loads.

● Heat pump dryers are more efficient than condenser models because they do not reuse heat from previous loads.

● Portable dryers are small, lightweight and often do not require a venting. They are suitable for apartments and other small spaces and a usually affordable. They dryers

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