Best 10 Dryer Box Installation Reviews And Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a way to improve your dryer’s efficiency and save some money on your utility bills, a dryer box installation may be just what you need. A dryer box is a simple device that can be easily installed in your home, and it works to collect and re-direct the heat from your dryer, thus reducing the amount of energy needed to dry your clothes. Plus, a dryer box can help to reduce the amount of lint that ends up in your dryer’s lint trap, which can help to reduce your risk of a dryer fire.

Best 10 Dryer Box Installation

Bestseller No. 1
PETKIT AIRSALON MAX Automatic Pet Hair Drying Box for Cat Puppy Kitten,Ultra Quiet Hair Dryer for Small Dog Grooming,60L Large Capacity/Smart Temperature Control via App and Touch Panel
  • 【A COZY DRYING BOX】This PETKIT Airsalon Max pet drying box is with 60L large capacity, provides a spacious space for your pet which is elder than 6 months. It allows two pets dry at the same time won't feel crowded. Interior Dimension: 14.5 X 18.5 X 13.7 inches.
  • 【EFFICIENT DRYING EXPERIENCE】A 360° surround air flow system provides strong and smooth wind from each side of the cabin to effectively dry your pet. The special wave panel design makes the air outlet larger, and the warm air can dry hard-to-reach areas even if your cat is lying on its stomach. Negative ions cut down on any frizz and flyaways, offer a super-smooth look for your furry friend.
  • 【MUTIPLE SECURITY PROTECTION】Built-in mutiple high-precision sensors, real-time temperature monitoring, to ensure that the temperature is stable and constant, automatic shutdown when the temperature is too high, prevent burns and hot spots. Three-sided ventilation speeds up the air flow and provides fresh air for your cats and small dogs at all times.
  • 【MEET DIFFERENT DRYING NEEDS】Three modes are available, comfort, normal and fast mode for different pets' drying needs. You can also customize your own mode via PETKIT app or the touch panel, to control the temperature, timing, lock, or view the temperature. The PETKIT App allows you to view the drying process at any time, and achieve ±0.1℃ precise temperature control. ( App connected via bluetooth)
  • 【MORE CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR PET】Low noise, is measured less than 42dB. The gentle sound of the wind won't irritate your fur baby and will bring you quiet indoor time.The outlet base disperses the air flow, making it slow and smooth, and reducing your pet's anxiety. Through the interactive petting window to interact with your pet at all times to give greater comfort.
SaleBestseller No. 2
TV Wall Mounting - 51-65 inches, Customer Bracket
  • Install 1 customer-supplied TV and standard mounting bracket, or remount of 1 TV to an existing bracket
  • This service does not include a wall mount. Please ensure an appropriate wall mount is available for the service to be completed
  • Secure the TV and load test the hardware
  • Not all surfaces can safely accommodate a TV wall mount. Installation location is subject to provider discretion. Additional charges may apply
  • Cleanup work area. Take packaging to customer's bins unless customer declines
Bestseller No. 3
PGOT Pet Hair Dryer, Pet Blower Full Automatic Dog Grooming, Quiet High-Velocity Dryer for Small Medium Dog and Cat
  • ❥【BRAND NEW FAN FOR FAST DRYING】: This product is equipped with a 360-degree internal and external circulation quick-drying hot air system, which can quickly dry pet hair in all directions. The new horizontal bladeless drum fan can provide more wind output while reducing noise at 48 decibels
  • ❥【SPACIOUS INTERIOR, GREAT DESIGN】: 75L large capacity, so that pets will feel roomy inside and be less nervous. Meeting different type of pet needs (cats and small dogs). The cubic shock-proof structure with tempered glass is durable and can reduce noise effectively.
  • ❥【SMART CONTROL, MULTIPLE PROTECTION】: large, smart touch-screen panel, built-in smart microcomputer thermostat chip can flexibly control the temperature in the box. The side of the box is equipped with a leakage safety switch, if there is a leakage, power is cut off automatically.
  • ❥【DELICATE APPEARANCE】: The product adopts a simple, white design without edges and corners, The bottom of the box is equipped with universal wheels, which is very convenient to move at home, and the box is equipped with a warm light lamp, which is convenient for night use.
  • 💌【PGOT GUARANTEE】 : Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With our pet dryer box, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction rate. Return available within a month. Our customer service team is always here for you! If you are not satisfied with our pet dryer box, please contact US. We will continue to provide you with the best quality service and the best, affordable products.
Bestseller No. 4
KITPLUS DayMax Dog Hair Dryer Box for Pet Grooming, Ultra Quiet Cat Blow Dryer 60L Capacity, Professional Fast Drying Blower, Intelligent Control Adjustable Temperature and Time, 360 Degree Warm Wind
  • 😸360° Infinitely Fresh Air: A powerful wind blows from the bottom to promptly dry the pet's abdominal area. Circulating air system simulates natural wind, allowing 20% of the air to circulate inside and the remaining 80% to blow outside, increasing the oxygen concentration of the cabin and keeping pets to dry comfortably.
  • 😸Low-noise Drying: Compared to the loud noise of handheld hair dryers that cause pet resistance and anxiety, DayMax with a bladeless fan is an excellent solution for calming timid and sensitive pets like cats. 60 dB low noise level allows pets to enjoy the warm airflow until they fall asleep.
  • 😸Intelligent Control Panel: Touch to customize the temperature and drying time. We offer recommended cabin temperatures to suit various external temperatures to maximise comfort. The 3W light can be turned on for night use. Making it convenient to dry your pet throughout the year and from morning to night.
  • 😸60L Large Capacity: Our pet dryer can accommodate 2 cats weighing less than 11 lbs each or 1 dog weighing less than 22 lbs. The large room helps to reduce pet anxiety and fear. Features an innovative curved surface design to protect pets and parents from injury.
  • 😸Easy to Clean and Assemble: The dryer box includes a detachable drainage plate and a filter with sponge, making it easier to collect and clean up pet excrement and hair. We offer 12 months warranty and 100% satisfied customer service, please contact us at any time if needed.
Bestseller No. 5
Dundas Jafine DRB4XZW Recessed Dryer Vent Box, 4", White
  • Item Weight: 4.1 lb
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Color: White
  • Brand name: Dundas Jafine
Bestseller No. 7
Dryer Vent Box Metal White with Trim Ring for 2x4 Wall
  • Dryer Wall Box Vent for 2x4 Walls Metal White
Bestseller No. 8
Deflect-O Dryer Venting Box 4" WHT
  • Saves space, Allows it to fit flushed against the wall of your laundry room
  • Improves dryer efficiency, Durable design protects the duct from being crushed
  • Reduces fire hazard, Lint build-up is minimized due to the limited kinks and bends
  • Ensures clean appearance, The Recessed Dryer Vent Box is made of high impact polystyrene
  • Pack of 1, This product has a oval to round duct adapter which threads on easily to the duct and makes installation fast and easy.
Bestseller No. 9
Amazon Smart Plug, for home automation, Works with Alexa - A Certified for Humans Device
  • Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet.
  • Certified for Humans - Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it's actually simple.
  • Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.
  • Simple to set up and use—plug in, open the Alexa app, and get started in minutes.
  • Compact design keeps your second outlet free.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Homerunpet Drybo Plus Automatic Pet Dryer for Cats and Small Dogs - Ultra Quiet Dog Hair Dryer with Smart Temperature Control and 360 Drying
  • Ultimate Drying Solution: Drybo Plus is a groundbreaking futuristic invention designed solely for pets to address the drying pain after bathing by a group of R&D professionals in Precision Medical Device. Testified by over 100,000 global pet lovers and pets, the dryer has won wide recognition for its safety, comfort, efficiency and scientific design.
  • Comprehensive Drying: Powerful airflows come from the bottom to suit pet’s prone position and facilitate even coverage of any hard-to-reach areas while the drying time can be significantly reduced. Easily customize temperature, heat intensity, blowing speed, drying time with the control panel.
  • Worry-free Ventilation: Our patented motor together with hundreds of venting holes guarantees sufficient air ventilation and exchange so that hot air can be emitted directly and fresh air can be replaced immediately to ensure coziness in an enclosed environment.
  • At Home Professional Grooming: Unlike traditional hair dryers operated at 150℉(65℃) without even heat distribution, our embedded sensor enables constant temperature control so each time your furkid enjoys an even drying without getting over-heat. Negative ions released act as a professional groomer to make pet hair sleek and fluffy.
  • Doubling as Pet Bed: Drybo Plus also serves a perfect bed in heat mode and cool mode with the petting doors detached, which are designed for interaction with your pet for comforting purposes. A quality pet mattress comes with the dryer to add extra comfort. Interior dimension (inch): 16.2L*13.7W*14.1H.

What is a Dryer Box and How Does it Work?

Dryer Box Installation
A dryer box is a recessed electrical box or housing unit on the wall that is specifically designed to attach an external vent for a clothes dryer. Dryer boxes are typically constructed from metal or plastic and built either white or metallic neutral color. They require installation between remodeling or new construction. The dry box comes equipped with a thin metal or plastic cover plate that fast the unit to be flush with the wall. The box is recessed so allow the cover to be installed flush with the wall so that the dryer can mount close to the wall without damaging the exterior venting.

The metal or plastic cover plate conceals the exposed of the vent pipe to the rear of the dryer and the electrical connections. the rear of the dryer. A


How to Install a New Dryer Box Yourself

Why You Need a Dryer Box: One of the most important parts of any dryer installation is the metal vent tube that runs from the back of the dryer to the outside of your house. Without this duct, the dryer won’t work properly. If it’s too long, you could have moisture with lint buildup. If it’s too short, you could have issues with overheating.

This tube covers everything you need to know about installing a new dryer box:
• What’s a Dryer Box?
• How to Install a New Dryer Box
• What You Need to the Installation
• What to’ll Learn
• What to Not Do
• Step-By-Step Guide

How to Connect Your Dryer to the Dryer Box

Connect clothes dryer vent is a necessary part of any clothes dryer. Most you want to make sure you don’t get one that’s too large for your dryer. Depending on the type of dryer you have, you have a couple of options. If your clothes dryer is electric vented model, you can installing a dryer duct.

1. Find A Place in Your House to Put It
Place you have to put it somewhere, you might as well put it somewhere that makes sense. You may want to put it near your wet clothes,. well, since they go supposed connected or a duct. Also consider where the vent will go, and whether you want it to open from, wall.

2. Know How Many Amps Your Dryer Uses
This is especially important for those of you with ventless dryers. If you put one that uses more amps than your dryer is designed for, your clothes dryer will work less efficiently, and you could end up with a lot of static and lint build up.

3. Measure the Space for Your Dryer
Before you go out and buy your new dryer box, make sure you have enough room for it. The vent should be at least 3 feet away from any other objects. You want to be able to access the dryer easily, so make sure it’s not tucked in where.

How to Clean Out Your Dryer Box

A dryer vent box is needed when there is not enough space behind the dryer to go direct back to the exterior of the home. The box install is an extension through that attaches directly behind the dryer and connects to the ductwork from the dryer,.

1. Measure The Distance From The Dryer To The Wall Or The Exterior Vent
The short side of your vent box will be 3.5″ and the long side will be 5.5″. The total width of the box will be 6″. It is important to add the distance you the exhaust side of your box must as that will determine how much you need to cut off of your stiff board.
2. Cut 1/8″ Green Board To Size
You 1/8″ thick piece of green board is needed for the back of the box. You cane going to cut each side of the green board at 6″ and then cut the bottom at 8″.
3. Attach The Green Board To The Box
Using your staple gun, you is going to place a line of staples along the back of the box. Make sure that the staples are very close together so that the green board is attached securely to the box.
4. Cut Out A Hole In The Back Of The Dryer Box
Depending on the size of your dryer vent, you is going to need to cut out a hole big enough for the vent to fit through. I used a 5″ hole saw for my vent.
5. Put The Dryer Vent Box In Place
The box will sit attached to the wall behind the dryer and will rest on the floor. You will is going to need one screw and washer for each corner on you may also add to screw the box into the wall just above the top for better support.

How to Troubleshoot Problems with Your Dryer Box

Dryerbox® is a leader in manufacturing safer topproof way to properly install a dryer duct in the Builder’s Best® Adjustable Dryer Box is the easiest way to ensure a the duct remains fully intact. in the home. However, even with quality the best technology, problems can still arise.

1. Check the App for the Box
The first step in troubleshooting is to check the settings of the box itself Are the settings correct for the thickness type the ducting and the installation? Make sure the box is fully adjusted.

2. Check the Dam for the Dryer Vent
Ensure there is adequate space from the wall for the box. If there is not enough space, the dryer box will not work securely correct way between the studs. Giveconnect the Dryerbox and move it closer the other stud. Then Dryerbox® must fit between the studs.

3. Check the Space for the Dryer Vent
Ensure there is room for the proper clearance for the dryer vent. Dryer Exhaust Hood a minimum of 4″ clearance.

4. Check the Flexibility of the Dryer Duct
When thereers are different requirements for ventilation. Some dryers may 20″ off the ground while others are 30″ off the ground. If the Dryerbox® is set at 22″ and the duct is 20″, the Dryerbox® will not work able to make the proper connection.

5. Check the Ducting Collar
Areerbox must slide over the Collar connection easily the Dryerbox®. The Collar™ is plastic-with wiretape to keep the duct securely on the Dryerbox®. Sometimes the ducting may will cause the duct to not slide over the Collar™. Remove the ducting collar before try sliding the ducting back onto the Dryerbox®.

6. Check the Ducting itselfitting
Sometimes the ductwork has a flared fitting at the end. This will not allow the ducting to slide over the Collar™. remove the flared fitting from the ducting.

7. Check if the Ducting is Too Long
The ducting is cut too long. This causes the duct to to bunch up near the Dryerbox®. Make sure the ducting is cut to the correct length.

8. Check for See if the Dryer Duct is Hanging Down
Sometimes if the proper is using the Dryerbox®, they will not install the ducting properly. Make sure the dryer duct hangs down inside the Dryerbox®.

9. Make Sure the Dryer Duct Is Connected
If the duct is connected to a improperly vent the Dryerbox®, the dryer duct will pull free the box out of the wall. Make sure the duct is secure on the box.

10. Check to See if the Dryer Duct Is Damushing an Unconnected Duct
Sometimes the other homeowner will duct an unconnected duct onto the Dryerbox®. This will push the Dryerbox® out of the studs and will disconnect the duct. Remove the unconnected duct from the Dryerbox®.

11. Check the Ducting Connection
To ensure that the dryer duct is connected properly, check to the rotationulk seal is strong the entire connection. Make sure there are no gaps in

12. Check the Caulk Seal on the Flashing
Sometimes the caulk sealant be the flashing hasisd properly applied. Make sure the caulk seal is correctlylied around the entire flashing and that there are no gaps where the flashing. Make sure the caulk is at least 1/2″ wide.

13. Check the Caulk Seal on the Duct

Make sure the caulk seal isapplied around the entire where the ducting. Make sure there are no

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