Best 10 Top Load Washer Without Agitator Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, you may be wondering if a top load washer without an agitator is the right choice for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

Top load washers without agitators typically have a larger capacity than agitator-equipped models, so you can fit more clothes in every load. They also tend to be more energy-efficient, as there is less water used in each cycle. However, without an agitator to help move the clothes around, you may need to be more diligent about sorting your laundry before starting a cycle.

Top Load Washer Without Agitator

Bestseller No. 1
Kenmore 28" Top-Load Washer with Triple Action Agitator and 4.2 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White
  • TOP-LOAD WASHER: Large 4.2 cubic foot capacity washing machine washes more clothes, linens, and bedding in one load, and has a Deep Fill option to keep everything mixed on select cycles
  • ADVANCED CLEANING: Features a triple action agitator with a Direct Drive Motor that keeps clothes moving during the wash cycle for a thorough cleaning that gets clothes cleaner
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: Allows you to conveniently load your clothes, towels, delicates, and more from the top for easy access to the stainless steel water basin
  • CUSTOMIZED CLEANING MODES: Features 12 wash cycles for a custom clean, including Express Wash for quick loads and Bulky Bedding to get your bed linens and sheets fresh and clean
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measures 27.5" W x 28.0" D x 37.0" H and 51.2" H when lid is open for a perfect fit in your laundry room
Bestseller No. 2
Kenmore 27" Top-Load Washer with Triple Action Impeller and 4.8 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White
  • TOP-LOAD WASHER: Large 4.8 cubic foot capacity washing machine washes more clothes, linens, and bedding in one load, and has a built-in water faucet for easy pre-washing and pre-treating
  • ADVANCED CLEANING: Features a triple action impeller that keeps clothes moving during the wash cycle for a thorough cleaning that gets clothes cleaner
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: Allows you to conveniently load your clothes, towels, delicates, and more from the top for easy access to the water basin
  • CUSTOMIZED CLEANING MODES: Features a detergent and fabric softener dispenser drawer and capacitive touch controls to treat, clean, and freshen clothes your way
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measures 27.25" W x 27.88" D x 42.5" H for a perfect fit in your laundry room
SaleBestseller No. 3
Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, Cleans Front Load and Top Load Washers, Including HE, 6 Tablets
  • No.1 selling washing machine cleaner (Nielsen Scantrack; Total US Extended All Outlet Combined dollar sales, 52WK period ending August 2021)
  • Helps remove odor-causing residues and grime
  • No.1 Recommended by Whirlpool, Maytag and Amana brands (affresh brand products and the recommending brands' products are all owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation)
  • Cleans deep inside pump, valve, tub, drum, agitator, filter and hose
  • Works with top and front load washers, including HE (high efficiency)
Bestseller No. 4
SPEED QUEEN Home Style Mechanical Top Load Washer (LWN432SP115TW01)
  • Mechanical control
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Solid mount suspension system
  • Curved 4-vane agitator
  • 14 lb capacity
Bestseller No. 5
Frigidaire FFTW4120SW 4.1 cu. ft. High Efficiency Top Load Washer, 12 wash cycles, Quick Wash, Delicate, Hand Wash, Active Wear, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Drum, in White
  • MaxFill gives you the maximum water for the ultimate clean: MaxFill options allows for the maximum water level for the selected cycle.
  • Large capacity: Fit more in every load
  • Quick wash cycle: Washes clothes fast.
  • Five soil levels: Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, Light and Extra Light
  • Stainless steel drum: The stainless steel drum with agitator offers durability with long-lasting performance
SaleBestseller No. 6
BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display
  • 5 CYCLE SELECTION—Wash your laundry with this superior BLACK+DECKER best portable washer. Our portable clothes washer (17.3” x 17.7” x 31.1”) has 5 cycle selections—Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid, and Soak. Even suitable for baby clothes, diapers, and lingerie.
  • IMPRESSIVE FUNCTIONALITY—With your new washer machine (48.4 lbs.) you have 3 water level choices for small, medium, and large loads with cold water temperature settings. You can select Delay Start up to 24 hours.
  • STAINLESS STEEL TUB— This 0.9 cu. ft. portable washing machine features a durable, rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel tub with top loading transparent quiet close lid. See your clothes cleaned in real time with our outstanding impeller washer!
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES—There’s a lot going on with our amazing washing machine, including auto unbalance detection to ensure your laundry is being cleaned at peak performance. as well as auto shutoff safety features and child lock protection.
  • DESIGNED FOR MOBILITY— This fantastic portable clothes washer machine can be transported from room to room thanks to two rollers, two side handles, and a front adjustable leveling leg. Also included with our compact washer is a quick connect adaptor, water supply hose, and drain hose.
Bestseller No. 7
Amana NTW4516FW 3.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box
Bestseller No. 9
Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide for Front and Top Loader Washer Machines,(2.6oz each) (Pack of 5) (Packaging May Vary)
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE: 1 box of 5 individually packaged Tide Washing Machine Cleaner powder packets designed to activate 20% faster than tablets, enough for 5 months of cleaning from Tide, the #1 Laundry Brand.
  • REMOVES ODOR CAUSING RESIDUES: Tide Washing Machine Cleaner penetrates, & lifts away & eliminates odor causing residues and deposits with its specially designed surface active ingredients and the cleaning power of Oxi plus TAED
  • POWDER WORKS MORE EFFICIENTLY THAN TABLETS: Tide Washing Machine Cleaner is a powder that creates a cleaning action that gets to work faster than tablets.
  • TIDE WASHING MACHINE CLEANER HAS TAED: Specially formulated by Tide, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner has the cleaning power of Oxi and also TAED, created to boost the cleaning action on your washing machine by over 20% compared to Oxi alone.
  • WHY TAED? Oxi alone isn’t enough. Only Tide Washing Machine Cleaner has TAED Look for the small blue granules in the powder that create a cleaning superboost. And it works even in hard water which other cleaners can’t do.
Bestseller No. 10
Haus Maus - The Original Laundry Guard - Keeps Laundry from Falling Behind Your Washer/Dryer - Magnetic - Fits Most Front Load Washing Machines - Made in North America (Slate Gray)
  • Peace of Mind: Fold and sort without worrying that items will fall into the dusty space behind your machines
  • Adaptable: Our modular, hinged design adapts to a single machine or a set of two. It can also be used on top of a refrigerator for extra storage space. Dimensions: 21" x 52.5" x 8" If you have a cabinet above your washer and dryer, please be sure that you have at least 8 inches of space for the Laundry Guard. The Laundry guard will not attach to machines with plastic, curved tops
  • Simple to Use: Sets up easily and is compatible with nearly all front loading washers and dryers with metal tops
  • Cost Effective: Eliminates the need for a custom countertop over your machines and allows easy access to plumbing hookups

The Benefits of Using a Top Load Washer Without an Agitator

Top Load Washer Without Agitator
Top load washers are more for those who prefer a more traditional washer design. They are easy to load and can be installed side-by-side with a matching dryer for a classic laundry pair look and they are more budget-friendly than their front-loading counterparts.

Top load washers are loaded through the top of the washer rather than through the front. However, unlike traditional top load washers, high-efficiency top load washers don’t include an agitator. Instead, they rely on the impeller. a low-profile cone or disc that rotates and creates turbulent currents in the water. This motion helps to ensure that every item in the wash basket gets a deep clean every every wash.

The lack of an agitator allows top load washers to be up to two times larger than high top load washers, meaning they can fit larger loads of laundry. Low will appreciate the larger capacity and the ability to wash larger, bulky items like comforters and sleeping bags.

The low-profile impeller also takes up less space than an agitator and leaves more room inside the wash basket, which means you can wash larger items without sacrificing a thorough clean. Large this washer, there will help you more efficiently use the space in your laundry room. With the ability to wash more laundry in every load, you’ll be doing less laundry overall, saving water, energy and time.

Top load washers use have shorter cycle times than front load washers and can clean a full which large load of clothes than a front load washer. They the higher-efficiency top load washers can save you time by washing more clothes at once.

With many top load washers, you can even add items to the wash after the cycle has already started. This is thanks to the addition of another door at the top of the washer, called allows you to easily add more clothes or remove any items that might have been left behind.

In addition to being more efficient, high-efficiency top load washers are more gentle on clothing than traditional washers. Rather, your clothes will last longer and they’ll look better after every wash.

Top load washers are also much quieter than traditional top load washers. This is because they’re built with components that reduce vibration, And, quiet motor,’t vibrate through the floor, you can use your washer at any time of day or night without having to worry about the noise.

The Benefits of Using a Top Load Washer Without an Agitator

Top-loading washing machines are great for flexibility, as you can open the lid and stick in a forgotten sock after the cycle has started. However, you their poor energy efficiency, tendency to break down and smaller wash capacity means that many people choose a front-loading washer instead. If you don’t mind a lack of flexibility, here are willing to compromise on load size and noise and are looking for a cheaper, more reliable option then a top-loading washing machine without an agitator could be the right choice for you.

How Much Does a Top Load Washer Without an Agitator Cost?

The water and energy savings are worth it, in our opinion, even if it means spending a extra $100 up front for a washer that doesn’t have an agitator.

If you have a deep-rooted hatred for top-loading washing machines, don calm without an agitator in the middle of the washer drum may’t the solution. There machine front-loaders don agitators are a problem. The agitators are known to clean and require a lot of detergents. This means they cost more to run.

If you would’d to buy a top-loading washing machine without an agitator, it’ll cost anywhere where you live. It’s possible to find a washer-quality washer for anywhere between $500 and $1,000.

You you have a large family with a lot of dirty clothes, you may want to spend more to get a machine that cleans well and lasts.

How to Choose the Right Top Load Washer Without an Agitator for Your Needs?

A lot of people though few years back pri on front load washers for their laundry needs because it consumes less energy, but time a top load washer worth it? Well, if you want to switch back to a top load washer, then why not. It is more affordable than a front load washer, more if may is less expensive to buy, less to maintain, and to repair. Top load washers perform well for those who value simple design, wash time, and cost performance.

Health Benefits of a Top Load Washer Without an Agitator

A top load washer without an agitator may be the better option if you have a large amount of laundry for a large family. These washers have a higher capacity and are able to hold more laundry than front load washers. These often do not have an agitator and they use a different wash action.

Top Load Washers Without Agitators
They Are you to add throwergents in liquid
traditional style
You can also use both liquid detergent and
powder detergent in the same load
They feature have a faster wash time
Betterfter water comes out of these washers
They reduce cheaper than front load washers when they first came out
They are better than front load washers

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